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TES offers one of the most practical OHSA Class IV asbestos awareness courses available. You'll appreciate our live instructors who engage you with stimulating, interactive dialog. Many of our courses also feature hands-on training in our state-of-the-art simulation environment, giving you a chance to practice what you've learned until you're confident in your new abilities.

For more experienced hands, TES offers you nuggets of field-tested wisdom that will not only help keep you and your workers safe, but productive and profitable as well. Each of our instructors has in-depth field experience so they can coach you into taking your business to the next level.

For Employees Subject to Asbestos Exposure in the Workplace

  • OSHA Class IV Asbestos Awareness

    This course is designed to satisfy the requirements of OSHA regulation CFR 29, part 1910.1001(j)(7)(i). This regulation requires employers to train each employee who is exposed to airborne concentrations of asbestos at or above the permissible exposure and/or excursion limit upon the employee's initial assignment and at least annually thereafter. Topics covered include:

    • The health effects associated with asbestos exposure
    • The relationship between smoking and exposure to asbestos producing lung cancer
    • The quantity, location, manner of use, release, and storage of asbestos, and the specific nature of operations which could result in exposure to asbestos
    • The engineering controls and work practices associated with the employee's job assignment
    • The specific procedures implemented to protect employees from exposure to asbestos, such as appropriate work practices, emergency and clean-up procedures, and personal protective equipment to be used
    • The purpose, proper use, and limitations of respirators and protective clothing, if appropriate
    • The purpose and a description of the medical surveillance program required by regulation
    • The content of federal standards, including appendices
    • The names, addresses and phone numbers of public health organizations which provide information, materials, and/or conduct programs concerning smoking cessation
    • The requirements for posting signs and affixing labels and the meaning of the required legends for such signs and labels

    This course can also be adapted at no additional charge to housekeeping personnel subject to OSHA regulation CFR 1910.1001(j)(7)(iv). This regulation requires employers to provide an asbestos awareness course at least annually to each housekeeping employee who works in an area containing asbestos. Topics covered include:

    • Health effects of asbestos
    • Locations of asbestos containing material and presumed asbestos containing material in the building/facility
    • Recognition of asbestos material damage and deterioration
    • Requirements of OSHA standards relating to housekeeping, and proper response to fiber release episodes

    Course length
    • 1 day
    • Class runs from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM with a one-hour lunch break

    Languages offered
    • English
    • Spanish

    • None

    • None

    • Standard registration: $125.00
    • Earlybird: $100.00 (more than 7 days in advance)
    • Volume + earlybird: $85.00 (5 or more students, more than 7 days in advance)

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