Why Choose TES for Your Professional Training?

TES has been in the business of environmental training for more than two decades. In that time, we've trained thousands of students and we've learned a thing or two about what excites students and makes them more safe and productive.

Here are things we've learned are important to you:

  • Lively Discussion

    Let's be honest. Students often consider vocational training a necessary evil -- something you just have to endure to get or maintain a license. That perspective is understandable when you look at typical environmental training. The content may be lifted right out of the federal or state regulations. Talk about dry! Long-winded rules written by people who hardly have your focused attention in mind.

    Not at TES! Our instructors know how to make class interesting, keeping your attention by using fascinating examples, humor, and lively dialogue. Short videotaped segments are used only as a supplement, and only when it is the best way to communicate a particular point. Of course, we also teach the regulatory material you need to know, but we approach it using time-honored techniques we've discovered best serve our students.

    Field-experienced instructors

    Gene Mauch, who coached major league baseball for over 25 years, said, "You can't lead anyone else further than you have gone yourself." We take this principal to heart at TES. We don't put anyone in front of a classroom who hasn't chalked up years of field experience that can be taught in the classroom. Book material is one thing. Life experience is another. Our instructors can lead you because they have progressed far enough ahead to earn the right to speak authoritatively from their own experience.

    "Field tested" tips

    Many of the courses taught by TES LLC cover mandated content governed by federal and state regulations. Yet all our courses, even these with regulated content, permit a surprising amount of discretionary material. As a student, you should ask what your training provider plans to cover with this discretionary time.

    Here at TES, we've learned to pack discretionary time with valuable information that will help you work more effectively and earn more money. What kind of information? Tips on getting work done faster. Tips to bid more accurately. Tips to get more orders and build revenue. Tips to keep you out of legal trouble. This emphasis is a major reason you should consider taking your next class at TES LLC.

    Even long-time industry vets who return again and again for refresher courses tell us they always learn something new at TES. These comments mean a lot to us, and they should tell you something.

    Great hands-on exercises

    Whenever time permits (not just when regulations require), we supplement classroom material with hands-on training. We have found that nothing replaces physical practice when it comes to learning new skills.

    What kind of hands-on training are available?

    • Using personal protective gear
    • Covering an asbestos containment area with polyethylene sheeting
    • Building a decontamination area, complete with shower and portal
    • Setting up a negative air pressure machine
    • Fit testing various types of respirators
    • Decontaminating personnel after exposure to hazardous wastes
    • Properly cleaning asbestos jobsites
    • Performing glove-bagging operations
    • Removing lead-based paint from woodwork
    • And many more

    Quite frankly, we're surprised by how little some educators seem to value hands-on training. Hands-on training forms the "heart and soul" of most education. It's how we learned what we're teaching you!

    Convenient Schedules

    Whenever possible, we arrange classes around your busy schedule. Are you a abatement supervisor looking for refresher training? We offer classes on Saturdays so you don't need to miss work. Evening classes are also available.

    Reasonable Rates

    We invite you to comparison shop. Go ahead, check out our rates. In most cases, TES offers some of the most reasonable prices anywhere.

    While you're at it, be sure to note our discounts for early payment and group discounts. Our group discounts are available with just five registrations booked at the same time. So save money while you enjoy the other benefits of TES training and register today.