TES has been in the business of environmental training since 1986, when the company was called Tennessee Environmental Services. Since then, TES has trained thousands of workers on how to safely handle and manage environmental contaminants.

  • Our Mission

    TES LLC seeks to be the southeast United States' leading provider of training for individuals involved with the abatement and handling of environmentally dangerous materials.

    TES will provide training that is practical, comprehensive, interesting, convenient, and an outstanding value for every student.

    Our History

    TES LLC got its start in 1986 as Tennessee Environmental Services, a division of Lang Environmental Services Incorporated. From the beginning, it reached out in new directions to make training acceissible to students. For example, TES was the first training provider in Tennessee to receive state approval of an asbestos worker curriculum written in Spanish.

    For many years, TES trained a majority of the temporary laborers employed at a related company, Cumberland Environmental. Cumberland demanded well-trained workers from TES, and TES rose to meet the challenge. Yet TES retained a separate legal status so as to minimize any pressure to compromise its licensing standards.

    Over time, other abatement professionals heard about TES and requested classes. Soon, TES was teaching courses tailored to other trades, not just to workers in the asbestos and lead-based paint abatement industries. Some of these new students included building managers, healthcare professionals, first responders, and others. TES also sought out additional licenses permitting it to train workers in states besides Tennessee.

    Tennessee Environmental Services changed its name to TES LLC in 2006. At that time, its parent company, Lang Environmental, merged with Cumberland. Yet TES wished to retain its independence once more. Lang spun off the training business into a new standalone entity which was named TES LLC. The name TES was adopted because it retained the familiar initials of its organizational predecessor, Tennessee Environmental Services. Yet the name TES recognized a growing footprint across the southeast U.S. without accepting any geographic limitations.

    Today, TES continues to serve students seeking environmental and related training throughout EPA Region 4. This region includes Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and 6 Tribes.